Why Would You? Looking into Applicable Motives to Use Life-Logging

Submitted by philipp on Tue, 08/18/2020 - 09:36
Maintaininggoodhealthgainsimportance,especiallywithincreased life-expectancy. However, digitalization leads to more and more jobs that happen sitting down. So-called life-logging technologies, apps and specialized devices meant to record, e.g., steps and heart rate, can support people in staying active and, by extension, healthy. The possible motives behind their use are manifold, ranging from relinquishing responsibility to receiving ready-made visualizations for the recorded data. To understand which are the most important to both users and non-users, a MaxDiff study was conducted (N = 409). It was found that visualization was indeed the highest rated reason for using life- logging technologies. Interestingly, gamification aspects such as badges or competition were rejected as applicable motives. The results provide further insights into user requirements for the design and development of life-logging technologies.
Lidynia, C., Brauner, P., Burbach, L., Ziefle, M.: Why Would You? Looking into Applicable Motives to Use Life-Logging. In: Ahram, T. and Falcão, C. (eds.) AHFE 2020, AISC 1217. pp. 531–543. Springer Nature Switzerland (2020).
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