Here you find 77 of my publications (not necessarily complete). I am using the DOI to link to the online source of the article. If that doesn't work and you are interested in an article, do not hesitate to contact me on Research Gate or by mail. (plain list, thumbnails).
Title Authors Outlet Date
A Computer Science Perspective on Digital Transformation in Production Brauner, Philipp; Dalibor, Manuela; Jarke, Matthias; Kunze, Ike; Koren, István; Lakemeyer, Gerhard; Liebenberg, Martin; Michael, Judith; Pennekamp, Jan; Quix, Christoph; Rumpe, Bernhard; van der Aalst, Wil; Wehrle, Klaus; Wortmann, Andreas; Ziefle, Martina ACM Transactions on Internet of Things
Delegation of moral tasks to automated agents The impact of risk and context on trusting a machine to perform a task Gian Luca Liehner; Philipp Brauner; Anne Kathrin Schaar; Martina Ziefle IEEE Transactions on Technology and Society
Human Digital Shadow: Data-Based Modeling of Users and Usage in the Internet of Production Mertens, Alexander; Putz, Sebastian; Brauner, Philipp; Brillowski, Florian; Buczak, Nadine; Dammers, Hannah; Van Dyck, Marc; Kong, Iris; Königs, Peter; Kordtomeikel, Frauke; Rodemann, Niklas; Schaar, Anne Kathrin; Steuer-Dankert, Linda; Wlecke, Shari; Gries, Thomas; Leicht-Scholten, Carmen; Nagel, Saskia K.; Piller, Frank T.; Schuh, Günther; Ziefle, Martina; Nitsch, Verena 2021 14th International Conference on Human System Interaction (HSI)
Social acceptance of serious games for physical and cognitive training in older adults residing in ambient assisted living environments Brauner P., Ziefle M. Journal of Public Health
How Context and Design Shape Human-Robot Trust and Attributions H. Biermann, P. Brauner, M. Ziefle Paladyn. Journal of Behavioral Robotics
User-Centred Design of a Process-Recommender System for Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Production Schemmer, T., Brauner, P., Schaar, A.K., Ziefle, M., Brillowski, F. Human Interface and the Management of Information, HCII 2020
Development and Evaluation of a Research Framework for Measuring the Reliance on Automation in Situations of Risk and Moral Dilemma Liehner, G.L., Brauner, P., Schaar, A.K., Ziefle, M. HCII 2020: Digital Human Modeling and Applications in Health, Safety, Ergonomics and Risk Management. Human Communication, Organization and Work
A Research Framework for Human Aspects in the Internet of Production – An Intra-company Perspective Brauner, P., Brillowski, F., Dammers, H., Königs, P., Kordtomeikel, F., Petruck, H., Schaar, A.K., Schmitz, S., Steuer-Dankert, L., Mertens, A., Gries, T., Leicht-Scholten, C., Nagel, S., Nitsch, V., Schuh, G., Ziefle, M. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Why Would You? Looking into Applicable Motives to Use Life-Logging Lidynia, C., Brauner, P., Burbach, L., Ziefle, M.: Why Would You ? AHFE 2020: Advances in Usability, User Experience, Wearable and Assistive Technology
Serious Motion-Based Exercise Games for Older Adults: Evaluation of Usability, Performance, and Pain Mitigation Brauner, P., Ziefle, M. JMIR Serious Games