Gardeene! Textile Controls for the Home Environment

Submitted by philipp on Thu, 08/20/2020 - 16:15
Textile controls so far, have mostly been envisioned to be integrated to clothing. In our environment, however, much more textile interaction surfaces are available. In this paper, we present a capacitive textile sensor, seamlessly integrated into a motorized curtain. While the basic functionality is simply to open and close the curtain, its design allows a much richer gestural interaction.
Heller, F., Oßmann, L., Al-huda Hamdan, N., Brauner, P., Van Heek, J., Scheulen, K., Möllering, C., Großen, L., Witsch, R., Ziefle, M., Gries, T., Borchers, J.: Gardeene! Textile Controls for the Home Environment. In: Short paper at Mensch und Computer 2016. Gesellschaft für Informatik (2016).
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