My dissertation on Serious Games for Healthcare in Ambient Assisted Living Environments is published!

Submitted by philipp on Tue, 11/08/2016 - 19:01
Cover der Dissertationsschrift

In the meantime, my dissertation "Serious Games for Healthcare - A Technology Acceptance Perspective" has been published by Apprimus-Verlag and can be ordered from the usual booksellers.

In my work, I design, implement, and study Serious Games for Healthcare in Ambient Assisted Living Environments as a way to mitigate the negative consequences of demographic change. In particular, I analyze under why, when, and how these games are used by the future  residents of AAL environments.

The work is characterized by the fact that not only one game, but several for different health areas (physical health and fitness vs. cognitive training) were investigated. Thus, similarities and differences can be identified, analysed and taken into account for future research and development projects.

You can either buy the book for the whole picture or take a look at some publications that were written around some chapters of the book. For example: